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A little about me and the MCube;


Beauty in stark reality, catching the moment of joy, peace, surprise, wonder, natural beauty.


Evoking emotion.
I take pride in often venturing where few will go to capture the natural or not-so-natural in it’s native state. The world around us has so much more to offer visually than what we often see in our daily travels and routines. Constantly aware of my surroundings and always searching for that image from the world around me that says something, reaches out and makes one think, feel… Capturing a moment in time and life…


Behind the lens of an SLR Camera since my late teens. I recently began a journey to share my passion, skills, vision and time with others.
Over the years I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to have worked with many different people with varying personalities. All experiences that lead to the now.


The realm of artists (performers, musicians and the like) is big part of my life. Sometimes performing as a musician myself, I feel at home and at ease capturing the essence of the artist, the joy of performing, when backstage in more intimate surroundings or at hand in the studio.


Everyday life from a unique and different perspective.


My passion, vision, creativity, versatility and love for the art can work for you, let’s explore.


The comfort and confidence of the client is of the utmost importance during the entire process from the beginning through delivered images and beyond…
Complete client satisfaction isn’t just a goal, it’s a promise that I take very seriously, ALWAYS FOCUSED ON THE WANTS AND NEEDS OF THE CLIENT!


Offering a wide range of photographic services including portraits, performance and artist promotions, events, engagement photo’s, website/product pictures, real estate photography and more.


Thanks for stopping by, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you…


Performance photography published on Concertblogger.com


Also on Viewbug!

A portion of all profits are donated to PROJECT HOME in Philadelphia,
let’s make homelessness a priority and work at making it a thing of the past!